CS320 Concepts of Programming Languages (Spring 2015)


This is the teaching fellow’s page for course CS 320 Concepts of Programming Languages. I will post related material here from time to time so that both students and professor can keep track of the updated info about the lab session. This course will use Piazza as the main source of communication among the class. I shall keep the information between these two sites synchronized. Piazza has the higher priority than this website however. It would be a superset of this site, at least it would contain the notice that something new has been added here. Simply check Piazza first before visiting here and no need to worry about missing a thing.

General Information

Working With CS Computing Resources

See the Getting Started (thanks to Likai) guide for tips on working from home and transferring files over, and for a primer on using Linux. There is no need to follow these instructions if you are familiar with Linux, they are for your reference only. PuTTy is a free SSH and telnet client. If you are a BU student, you can get X-Win32 here.