CS455/655 Introduction to Computer Networks

General Information

This is an auxiliary webpage for the class. The main webpage is https://sites.google.com/site/alex2ren/cs455-655-introduction-to-computer-networks-fall-2013-tf.

How to use WireShark in the Undergraduate Lab.

Due to security issue, you cannot run WireShark directly on the machines in the Undergraduate Lab (EMA 304). Though you are recommended to install WireShark on your own machines, we still provide a way for you to try WireShark in the Undergraduate Lab. Each Linux machine in the Undergraduate Lab has a virtual machine installed. Login into the Linux machine and turn on the virtual machine, and then you can run WireShark inside the virtual machine. Please refer to the following link for information about how to use the virtual machine.

You may see some warning during the process of booting the virtual machine. Simply choosing OK or Remind Me Later is fine. The virtual machine is configured in such a way that it is in a private network consisting of only the virtual machine and the Linux machine hosting it. You can still get access to the internet inside the virtual machine via NAT. You will get more familiar with these concepts as the course goes on.


WireShark has been installed on all the Windows machines in the Instructional Lab (EMA 302). It is only usable during the period of the lab session.